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Specializing in non surgical treatments for spine and joint pain

Patient Testimonials

-"After ten years of back pain, I am now pain free."  P.K.

-"Dr.  Ramineni spent time and  listened  to me and explained all the treatment options available..." T.R.

-"I had chronic back pain after surgery and after his procedure the pain is completely gone." M.B.


Knee Pain From Arthritis? Pain after Knee Replacement?

Learn about our various non surgical treatments for chronic knee pain including


Welcome to the Interventional
Spine and Joint Center
We focus on the accurate diagnosis and treatment of spine and musculoskeletal pain. Our fellowship trained and board certified physician has extensive training in the comprehensive treatment of the spine and musculoskeletal conditions through minimally invasive interventional procedures and specific rehabilitation treatment. We also offer state or the art regenerative medicine techniques.

Degenerated Disc Pain?

-Avoid Fusion Surgery

-We offer state of the art regenerative cell injection treatment for degenerated discs

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Regenenerative Medicine

Treat chronic tendon, joint, and back conditions

with state of the art non surgical techniques


- Ultrasound guided procedures


- Platelet rich plasma


- Stem cell treatment

- Traumeel



Percutaneous Discectomy

- Minimally invasive procedure to treat                 herniated discs in your spine.

- Avoid open back surgery

- Clinically proven to treat herniated discs


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